Public Transit

Four County Transit, a division of Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens, is the public transit provider for Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell and Tazewell counties in Southwest Virginia. It operates a deviated fixed route with specified stops and times but can pick up by request up to 3/4-mile off the route. Buses stop at designated locations along the routes.

Currently, transit is operating fare-free. Town routes stop at low-income housing, shopping centers, hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores and other places where people need to go. Individuals may call 48 hours in advance with pick-up requests.

Four County Transit focuses not only on mobility but affords freedom and increased quality of life for the citizens of the area. It is the connection that binds the counties, towns and residents together.

Veterans Transport

Transportation is available to two VA hospitals at no charge to veterans who reside in Russell and Tazewell counties. On Tuesdays, transport is to Salem and on Thursdays, transport is to Mountain Home in Johnson City, Tenn.

Drop off at each VA hospital is 10 a.m. and pick up to depart is 3 p.m. Riders need to ensure their appointments are no earlier than 10 a.m. and that they are finished by 3 p.m.

The van can hold up to 7 passengers, including 2 wheelchair clients. Call 276-963-1486 to leave a message with a pick-up request. A dispatcher will call back to confirm and provide a pick-up time. The deadline for ride requests is 12 noon the Wednesday prior to transport.

Grant-funded project promotes ‘Every Ride Counts’

AASC is one of five organizations chosen to participate in a pilot project sponsored by the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center and USAging. The agency will receive a $10,000 stipend for its work on the project.

The project focuses on the Every Ride Counts Campaign and pairs AASC and Four County Transit with a professional communications firm. AASC will work with The Hatcher Group to develop a transportation and promotion campaign that is designed for this area’s unique challenges.

Local print and social media will be utilized, along with radio ads and other communication methods tailored to the needs and preferences of AASC and Four County Transit. AASC will collect measurable data to share with NADTC and USAging at the conclusion of the pilot project.

The transportation messaging and delivery approaches will be inclusive to ensure that all residents representing the region will have equitable access to take advantage of the transportation options available and use the services that best meet their needs.