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AASC provides services to individuals 60 years or older, based upon an assessment of their needs. Medicaid is the insurance that helps provide personal care aides or homemakers to qualified persons throughout the four counties that our agency serves; Tazewell, Russell, Buchanan, and Dickenson. These services are intended to assist the frail, elderly and disabled to remain at home and to prevent them from being placed in a nursing home. Private pay is also available based on the Federal Poverty Sliding Scale Fee.

Personal Care

 Personal Care services are provided by aides who are trained to assist individuals with their personal needs, with stand-by assistance, and with supervision. In order to qualify for services a client must be unable to perform one or more “activities of daily living,” which include eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, transferring in and out of chair/bed and walking. Personal care is available to qualified persons who are frail, have disabilities, or are at risk of nursing home placement, with particular attention to low-income individuals.


Homemaking services are provided by individuals that are trained to assist people who are elderly, frail, have disabilities, or are at risk of being placed in a nursing home. To qualify for homemaker services an individual must be unable to perform one or more “instrumental activities of daily living” which include preparing meals, shopping, doing laundry, and light housework. The Federal Poverty guidelines are also used to determine if there would be a charge for any services.