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Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens proudly displays a new American Flag and Virginia State Flag at their office on 216 College Ridge Road. The flags and flag poles were made possible by a generous donation from Woodman of the World.

Woodman of the World is a nonprofit, fraternal benefit organization committed to family, community, and country. The goal of Woodman of the World is to help build strong communities through patriotism, education, community betterment, diversity, wellness, and the arts. Through their mission, to benefit each member through every stage of the life, Woodman members participate in four national volunteer programs. Flags Across America is one of the volunteer programs in which Woodman of the World members make flag presentations, donate American Patriots’ Handbooks to schools, present American History awards, and plan Flags Across America Projects.

Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens is thrilled to have been awarded an American and Virginia State Flag for display on their campus. “The simple patriotism displayed with an American Flag flying high and proud is something we hold close to our hearts. Many of our seniors are veterans and having an American flag on display is a tribute to them,” stated Chase Meade-Patton, Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens Public Relations Manager.

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